About Us

Tunde Adegbola
Creative Producer

Tunde is a highly accomplished and talented individual in the field of content creation, production, filmmaking, storytelling, acting, and theatre-making. He has been recognized for his exceptional work and has received a nomination for the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards. Tunde is the Chief Creative and Head of Business at Dark Tunes, a company he established in 2015 in Lagos, Nigeria, and has expanded its operations to England since July 2020.

At Dark Tunes, Tunde’s primary focus is on creating diverse and engaging content that spans across various mediums such as television, film, television game formats, theatre plays, and musicals. Despite having a background in Geography and Regional planning, Tunde has always had a deep passion for the arts, utilising his creative abilities to generate unique and innovative ideas within the entertainment industry.
In 2017, Tunde embarked on a significant project by creating and producing his first television series titled “Relatives.” The series garnered significant recognition and went on to receive a nomination for the prestigious 2018 AMVCA. Buoyed by its success, Tunde continued to build on this achievement with a second season in 2018. Additionally, he ventured into the production of a feature-length film called “Cluster,” which was showcased to an exclusive audience comprising of filmmakers and critics. Currently, the film is being broadcasted on multiple platforms in Nigeria.
Notably, Tunde’s talent extends beyond production as he has showcased his acting skills on stage. He has graced the stage in notable productions such as Wakaa the Musical!, both in London and Lagos editions, and Election fever” . Tunde’s versatility and expertise in multiple domains within the entertainment industry reflect his commitment to delivering exceptional content and captivating performances.

He has written, produced and directed his first musical “MW the musical!”. 

Tunji Falana

Tunji falana is a highly experienced Actor and Creative Producer,  based in London. With an impressive background in both stage and screen acting, Tunji has accumulated years of valuable experience in the industry.

In addition to his acting career, Tunji has also made a mark as a producer, successfully bringing various short concepts, short films, and live art productions to life. His creative thinking and imaginative approach to the production process set him apart in the industry.

Passionate about storytelling, Tunji channels his zeal into creating captivating narratives across various mediums, such as Theatre, Film, and TV. With his expertise and dedication, Tunji is committed to delivering exceptional and engaging experiences to audiences around the world.

Robins Ede
Associate producer

Robins is a highly motivated and skilled individual with a strong background in the broadcast and media industry. After successfully completing his training at a renowned radio school, Robins embarked on his career in the media and creative sector. With his exceptional talents as an actor, spoken word artist, presenter, PR specialist, and entertainment consultant, he quickly became a prominent figure in the industry.

Currently, Robins is expanding his horizons and exploring new avenues in the entertainment field. He has taken on the role of Associate Producer for MW the musical, where he is involved in producing live theatre and other innovative entertainment formats. Robins’ passion for storytelling and his comprehensive understanding of the industry make him an invaluable asset to the production.

With his extensive knowledge, creative flair, and dedication, Robins Ede is continually striving for excellence and pushing boundaries in the world of entertainment. His professional demeanour and commitment to delivering exceptional experiences make him an ideal choice for any project he undertakes.